Emerge Maryland Begins Accepting Applications for Inaugural Program

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Monday, September 10, 201
Contact: Diane Fink, 301-788-1661

Emerge Maryland Begins Accepting Applications
Emerge Maryland, the premier training organization for Democratic women seeking elected or appointed office, is accepting applications for its first class. The online application for the program is found through a link on the Emerge website at www.emergemaryland.org ,  and will remain open until November 16. Women are encouraged to apply well in advance of the closing date due to the detailed nature of the application.
The sixth month program, which will begin in January and run through June, will offer 70 hours of training for registered Democratic, Maryland women and focus on fundraising, campaign management, networking, and other key aspects of running a successful campaign.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Democratic women from all over Maryland who are interested in helping to change the face of politics in our state,” said Interim Executive Director, Diane Fink  “ I have been touring the state and talking with women who say our program is exactly what they are looking for in taking the first step toward running for public office.”
Emerge Maryland seeks bright, self-motivated women who are committed to effective and ethical political leadership. Criteria for selection include:

·       evidence of political leadership experience or potential, and meaningful involvement in workplace or community;
·       interest in pursuing political office;
·       demonstrated ability to bring together disparate groups to achieve a goal;
·       ability and desire to build effective networks;
·       ability to articulate a personal political vision;
·       demonstrated ability to inspire others;
·       commitment to full participation and attendance requirements of the trainings.
Emerge Maryland will select between 20-25 women who meet the above criteria and who have the potential to be political leaders.
Emerge Maryland is the tenth state to join the Emerge America network. Emerge America was created to address the under-representation of women in office at the local, state, and federal level. The program is considered an essential step for Democratic women who want to run for public office. It is the only in-depth, six-month training program that provides Democratic women with the comprehensive knowledge they need to achieve their political aspirations. There are Emerge programs in nine states: Arizona, California, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Emerge America is based in San Francisco, California.
 For updates and more information, sign up at www.emergemaryland.org or on Emerge Maryland’s Facebook page.


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