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Oct 15 2017

By Josh Kurtz
Beleaguered Maryland Democrats may yet have some cause for optimism.
On a day when hundreds of people came together to pay tribute to venerated former U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D) and her 45-year political career, hopeful glimpses of the Democrats’ future were also on display Thursday.
Mikulski was, rightfully, the toast of her home town Thursday evening, her name plastered like a movie star’s on the marquee of Baltimore’s historic Senator Theater.
“I always wanted to be in the movies,” the 81-year-old former senator cracked.

Sep 16 2017

Rep. John Sarbanes, his father former Sen. Paul Sarbanes and members of the Stoop Storytelling Series will gather next month for a tribute and a night of tales about former Sen. <a id="PEPLT004501" title="Barbara Mikulski" href="

Jan 5 2017

By Ovetta Wiggins

Martha McKenna expected about 75 people to attend her group’s annual fundraiser. Then Hillary Clinton lost.

And the RSVP list for last week’s gathering for Emerge Maryland, part of a national network that identifies potential female Democratic candidates for office and encourages them to run, swelled to nearly 250 people.

Jul 25 2016

On a recent Saturday this summer, I joined a diverse group of 20 Maryland women who gathered for 5 hours in a windowless suburban conference room to learn how to run for political office. They included a disabilities rights activist, an African American prosecutor, and an Indian-American immigrant who emerged from her local PTA as an outspoken voice on education issues. They had come for “A Taste of Emerge,” a day-long boot camp organized by the non-profit political group “Emerge Maryland,” which was created five years ago to recruit women to the electoral process.

Oct 14 2013

EASTON — Emerge Maryland has new candidates for its second round of classes, and three of the women are from the Mid-Shore.

Susan Delean-Botkin of Talbot County, Patrice Stanley of Dorchester County, and Suzanne Hogan of Queen Anne’s County, have all been accepted into the Emerge Maryland program.

Emerge Maryland, a program for Democratic women in the state to learn how to better themselves in the political world and network with other like-minded Democratic women, is part of the Emerge America program, which includes 13 other states besides Maryland including Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, Wisconsin and Vermont.

Aug 9 2013

Jessica Fitzwater says she loves working with students while they're too young to care what people think.

The Oakdale Elementary School music teacher said the onset of adult self-consciousness discourages many people from putting themselves out onstage. But when children are little, they are risk-takers, she said.

If teachers can "catch them when they sing their heart out or dance their heart out," there's a chance that they will hang on to that fearlessness as they grow up, she said.

Fitzwater, 29, said her experience as a performer — playing the violin in the Frederick Symphony Orchestra and taking the stage with Equinox Dance Company — has made her someone unafraid to take a public stand.

Her willingness to step forward could move her from the orchestra hall to Winchester Hall; Fitzwater says she's "strongly considering" running for the District 4 seat on the county council in 2014.

Aug 7 2013

The potential field for the County Council’s at-large seats in next June’s Democratic primary continues to expand, notwithstanding that all four incumbent at-large members have indicated they plan to seek another term.

Beth Daly, a Dickerson resident who is a member of the Upcounty Citizens Advisory Board, confirmed she is “exploring” a run for an at-large council seat, and plans to make a decision this fall.

Jul 24 2013

Emerge Maryland, a group dedicated to helping Democratic women run for public office, will begin accepting applications for its course beginning in October and running through April.

“Basically, we train women to be candidates,” said Diane Fink, the organization’s executive director.

The online application process, open through Sept. 7, can be found on the group’s website at Twenty women will be accepted.

The training will provide more than 70 hours of training in areas such as fundraising, campaign management, networking and other skills needed to run a political campaign.

Jul 19 2013

EASTON — Emerge Maryland, a training organization for Democratic women seeking elected or appointed office, is accepting applications as of Saturday, July 20 for its second round of classes.

"This is one of those opportunities for women who have thought about running for office and they don't even know where to begin. We are the place to begin," Diane Fink, executive director of Emerge Maryland, said.

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Nov 9 2015

By Linda Norris-Waldt, Emerge Maryland, Class of 2014
Chair of the Frederick County Ethics Task Force 

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Jun 25 2014

 Emerge Maryland, the premier training organization for Democratic women seeking elected or appointed office, congratulates ten graduates, who have won their primaries and are now embarking on the next step, winning the seats they are seeking in the upcoming November elections. Many others were elected to state central committees around the state.

Oct 19 2013

For Immediate Release 

 October 11, 2013

Contact: Diane Fink,

Emerge Maryland announces Class of 2014

New program members named at event at CHAZZ in Baltimore

Sep 11 2012

For Immediate Release

Monday, September 10, 201
Contact: Diane Fink, 301-788-1661

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